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Would You Like Us To Setup An Even More Comprehensive Sales Funnel For You With 5 Additional High Ticket Offers You Can Sell As Your Own!

If you want to take your business to the next level, then you need to see this!

We're going to give you the opportunity to add 5 more high value, high ticket offers that we can integrate into your sales funnel for more sales, more profits, and more value for your buyers!

So instead of just having the 5 high value offers to sell as your own (which is what you get with the initial sales funnel)...

You can now have a total of 10 high value, high ticket offers setup in your sales funnel!

Here's What You're Getting With This Upgrade!

5 More High Value Offers

Giving you 10 offers in total that you can sell as your own for instant PayPal payments!

With the initial sales funnel, you got 5 offers you can sell as your own, but with this upgraded sales funnel, you can make that 10 high value offers you can sell as your own.

Each of these 5 upgraded offers will be priced at a minimum of $147 each, so you're going to promote 5 additional offers priced at $147-197 each, and you're going to receive those payments instantly into your PayPal account as well.

These offers are:

  • An extensive done for you IM products offer
  • An extensive done for you self-help products offer
  • An extensive done for you PLR plugins offer
  • A done for you techie training offer
  • A done for you coaching offer

These offers provide incredible value to your buyers, and will make you look like an authority to your list.

Professional Sales Pages For All Five Additional Offers

Of course, we're also going to provide you with the exact five sales pages that have converted extremely well on these upgrade offers that you will be getting.

All we do is personalize it with your name and PayPal email (just like the other sales pages) and you’re ready to start making $147+ sales immediately on all five of thse additional offers!

Additional 5 Weeks Email Followups

Giving you a total of 50 emails that go out to your subscribers over 11 weeks!

You know that not everybody will buy from you right away.

So we’re also giving you 25 additional emails that will inform, entertain, and presell your subscribers on your upgrade offers.

These emails along with your initial batch of emails are designed to go out over 11 weeks, which means you can invest in this upgrade now, and feel confident knowing that over the next 11 weeks these professionally crafted emails will be doing all the selling for you.

Complete Setup and Integration

Every one of these 5 upgrade offers will work seemlessly with your initial sales funnel

We take everything above, personalize it with your details, and set everything up on your servers.

All you need is a domain, hosting, and an autoresponder service and we’ll set everything up for you.

You don't need to have any technical know-how; we'll set it all up for you within 48 hours!

We're Going To Setup A Comprehensive Sales Funnel For You With 10 Offers In Total!

You're going to get an extensive 10 product sales funnel, that you can rely on to make consistent sales over the long term!

Now don't get me wrong, the first offer is plenty for you to get started with and start making consistent sales.

This just takes it to another level!

This just gives you the added opportunity to have an even more extensive business!

But you have to act now!

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You can upgrade your sales funnel now with these additional offers for just $297! That's $100 off the regular price of $397!

If you decide to take us up on this incredible upgrade later, you will need to invest the full amount!

So if you're even considering this just a little but, I recommend jumping in, and making the investment in your business now, so you can reap the rewards from it for months and years to come!

Get in now, and you won't have to think about it later. You won't have to wonder whether you should have got it or not, and you don't have to cloud your mind with the regret of missing out on an incredible offer.

Order An Extensive Sales Funnel Upgrade Now!

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If you choose to get the upgrade, then everything will be integrated with the initial sales funnel.

If you choose to just stick with the initial sales funnel, no worries!

Either way, we will still have everything setup for you shortly!

If you've got any questions or anything, the easiest and quickest way to reach me is via email:

Looking forward to helping you grow your business!


Simon Lim