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Grab PLR To Powerful Self-Help Social Magnets on Self-Confidence That Can Generate Targeted Traffic For You!

We're talking real, consistent, dependable targeted traffic from social media!

[Self-Help Social Magnets PLR] Self-Confidence Edition

Do You Want More Visitors, Leads, and Sales For Your Business?

Let's face it, one of the most challenging aspects of your online business (or any online business) is generating targeted, motivated traffic to your site.

Sometimes it might seem like you've just tapped into a hidden gem and the traffic just seems to flow effortlessly.

Other times traffic seems so scarce that you wonder if something is wrong with your marketing processes.

We've all been there.

Consistent Traffic Is The Lifeblood Of Your Business!

That's right, targeted traffic is the lifeblood of your business.

Without a consistent stream of high quality visitors going to see what you have to offer, then you're sure as heck aren't going to be generating leads or making sales consistently either.

The key here is to find out where your targeted audience is hanging out, and to get the right message in front of them.

In today's world, that means social media.

Powerful Images On Social Media Generates A Massive Amount Of Visitors and Leads!

Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or any other social platform, millions of people every single day spend hours on these networks. They're looking for entertainment, information, and connection.

They're looking for content that is relevant to them!

And one of the best ways to do that is with inspirational quotes and images.

We've all seen them, these incredible images with a powerful quote on them. This is the kind of content that people share, like, and engage with.

It's a massive opportunity to get your brand in front of your audience, and to engage with them.

But the problem is, how do you go about creating these powerful images on a consistent basis?

But How Can You Create These Powerful Social Images On A Consistent Basis?

After all, it's not about posting one of these images and then you're set for life.

You need to post these consistently, along with other forms of content relevant to your audience as well.

But you don't want to spend all your time looking for great quotes, looking for the right images, and then becoming a part-time designer trying to put them all together.

You also don't need to be spending $1000s for someone to create them for you either.

So how do you go about benefiting with these powerful images without actually creating them yourself?

Well, That's Where We Come In!

That's right, we've done all the hard work for you, so you don't have to worry about creating a thing.

We've collected the best quotes, we've identified the perfect images for those quotes, and we've designed them in a way that is appealing to your audience.

We've done everything for you so you can just post them on social media and generate massive amounts of traffic on autopilot.


Self-Help Social Magnets:
Self-Confidence Edition

You're going to get a pack of high quality marketing resources that you can use to get massive amounts of targeted traffic, that is already in tune with your brand and your message.

There's no need for you to spend weeks trying to do it all yourself, or to spend $1000s hiring an outsourcer to do it for you.

You can download these resources in the next few minutes, post them on your social media platforms to start generating more traffic now!

Not only can you use these powerful marketing magnets for your own business, or for your clients, you also get PLR to them, so you can resell the package and keep every cent.

This is a massive opportunity for you to reap the rewards of our hard work.

Here's What You're Going To Get!

100 Powerful Social Images on Self-Confidence

These images are the perfect way to get more high quality engagement with your audience.

You will be getting 100 unique images, all with different quotes and relevant background (royalty free) photos.

These are all custom-made, and are ready to go to work to drive more traffic to your offers.

  • 100 powerful social images
  • 1080 pixels x 1080 pixels image size
  • JPG and PNG format
  • Fully licensed, royalty free stock photos as the backgrounds

Here is just a small taste of what you'll be getting:

100 Social Images Photoshop Source Files

Maybe you want to change the font, or the colors, or anything else with these social images. Or maybe you want to brand them with your URL and logo.

Now you can with these PSD source files!

All you do is open the file you want to edit with GIMP or Photoshop, and make the changes you want. Then just save it again and you're good to go.

  • 100 PSD source files
  • Easily edit with Photoshop or GIMP
  • Quickly brand with your name, URL, logo, etc.
  • Make the images uniquely yours

100 Quotes in a Spreadsheet

Whether you want to use the quotes in text format on social media or anywhere else, you can do that as well.

We've providing you with every single one of the 100 quotes in text format in an easy-to-read spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet clearly shows the quote, and the person that made the quote, so you can easily use them in any way you want.

10 Professionally-Written Articles

Maybe you want to add some written content to your blog, or just have additional content on your social media.

Now you can take your social presence to the next level with professionally-written articles that inform and engage with your audience.

These are well-researched, well-written articles that were written by 100% native English speakers and writers.

10 High Value Autoresponder Emails

You also should be providing your email subscribers with a lot of value on a consistent basis.

Why not do that with our high value autoresponder emails as well?

These are professionally written emails that are designed to provide value and build rapport with your subscribers.

Professional Reseller Graphics with PSD

We want you to be proud to put your name on this package as a reseller, so we created a high quality graphics package that represents the power and simplicity of this package.

Not only do you get the 3D mockups, but you also get the editable source files so you can rebrand them how you want.

  • 2D and 3D package graphics
  • PSD source files
  • Header, logo, icons, and package images included
  • Easy to edit and rebrand

Professional Reseller Sales Page & Thank You Page

Of course, you can't resell the package without a professional sales page.

Not only do you get the actual sales page with graphics, but you also get the sales copy that will help you sell this over and over again.

You're also getting the thank you page and other relevant pages you need.

Here's a small taste of the sales page you're going to get:

Professional Reseller Marketing Graphics/Swipes

One of the easiest ways to sell this offer is by promoting it directly to your list.

We wanted to make that as easy as possible for you so we've included a kit of email swipes for you to send to your list how you want.

Also, we've included some marketing graphics you can also use in various ways to promote your new product.

Reseller License

You're also going to receive a detailed reseller license agreement that outlines exactly what you can and cannot do with these resources.

Whether you want to just use these images in your own business, you want to use them to help your clients, or you want to sell the package for 100% profits; all of that is explained in the reseller license agreement.

Everything you need to know about how to use these resources is clearly laid out here.

Step-By-Step Setup Guide

Now we're not going to provide you with all these powerful resources and not give you a solid idea of what to do and how to do it.

That's why we're providing you with a series of step-by-step setup guides that shows you everything from how to brand your images, to how to setup your reseller pages.

Here Are Some Ideas For What You Can Do With These Powerful Self-Help Social Magnets...

  • Expand your audience reach on Facebook
  • Build an engaged following on Instagram with powerful images
  • General viral traffic through Pinterest with after rebranding the social images
  • Create buzz and get a conversation going on Twitter with the insightful content
  • Make blog posts that inspire and motivate using the images and articles
  • Establish an engaged social presence by using all of the content in your own way
  • Build rapport with subscribers and followers
  • Share them everywhere you can for targeted traffic
  • Resell the entire social magnets package for 100% profits
  • Sell the social images as-is for an additional income stream
  • Manage social media for clients and use these resources for their platforms
  • Rebrand this entire package and sell it in any way while keeping 100% of the profits

Here Are Your Reseller License Terms


  • You can resell the package with personal use rights (Minimum $17 price)
  • You can distribute the content individually with personal use rights
  • You can post the content on any site or network you want
  • You can add to or edit the content in any way you see fit
  • You can claim ownership of the content
  • You can post on client's social accounts, sites, etc.
  • You can use as templates to sell/create new content for clients
  • You can use them as content on sites or pages


  • You cannot resell the package with private label rights
  • You cannot sell the package with resell rights
  • You cannot sell the package with master resell rights
  • You cannot distribute the package with any rights other than personal use rights
  • You cannot resell this entire package with the same modules
  • You cannot give away the contents for free for others to use
  • You cannot add elements of the package to a membership site to give away

Grab Your Copy Of This Powerful Package Now!

This Is A Massive Package That Will Save You A Huge Amount Of Money And Time!

Think about it, if you tried to create all these different elements yourself, how many weeks, or months would it take?

On the other hand, if you're not remotely a designer-type, you'd hire a designer to get it all done for you, but that's a huge cost as well.

This entire package has been created in-house by my designers, writers, and content creators, and they are all pros at what they do.

That means you're saving a huge amount of money compared to if you hired people to do this for you.

Let's take a look at the massive value you're getting in this entire package:

Here's Everything You're Getting Today!

That's $1220 Of Real World Value!

But you're not paying anywhere near that today...

Act right now and you can grab this incredible PLR package for just $17!

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[Self-Help Social Magnets PLR] Self-Confidence Edition

You're Also Covered By Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

money back logo

You’re going to get a full 30 days to go through the package and decide if this is for you.

If for any reason, or no reason at all, you’re not 100% satisfied with everything you get inside, simply let me know, and I’ll refund every penny of your tiny investment.

No questions asked!

If you're ready to start generating a massive amount of targeted traffic with this incredible social magnets package, then get started today!

If you've got any questions or anything, the easiest and quickest way to reach me is via email:

Looking forward to helping you grow your business!


Simon Lim

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should get this package?

If you want to generate consistent engagement, stable traffic, and more followers online, then this is for you.

Can't I just do this myself?

Yes you can! But the amount of time and effort you will need to create all of this yourself is massive. We've done it all for you (at a fraction of the cost) so you don't have to.

What file formats are the social images?

With the social images, you will get them in JPG and PNG format. You also get the original PSD files to easily edit them yourself.

Do I get a reseller license?

Absolutely! You will get a detailed reseller license agreement that shows you exactly what you can and cannot do.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. You get a FULL 30 days to make sure this package is for you. If for any reason, or no reason at all you’re not 100% satisfied with what’s inside, simply send me an email, and I’ll refund every penny of your tiny investment.

Were can I post the images?

There are no limits to where you can post the social images. So you can post them on any of your favorite social platforms (ie. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc).

Can I sell this social magnets package?

Yes, you can sell this package (both whole and individually) to customers with personal use rights only.

Can I sell resell rights to this social magnets package?

No, you cannot sell this package (both whole and individually) to customers with any type of resell rights. Your customers will only have personal use rights.

Grab Your Copy Now!

[Self-Help Social Magnets PLR] Self-Confidence Edition