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You Need To Provide High Value Solutions To People In Order For Them To Buy Your Products Online!

Dear Marketer,

If you're like most people who are reading this, then you know how powerful selling your own products are.

You can get incredible residual income by creating a product once, and making sales on it over and over again through the long term.

You know you have greater leverage when it comes to getting traffic to your pages, particularly with affiliates who promote your products for you.

You also know that information products are a great way to easily create your own products, while providing massive value to your buyers.

But Buyers Want More Than Just Regular Old Info Products These Days!

You see, people who are looking to buy info products are looking for someone to provide them with a solution to a problem in their business.

They want a detailed plan to help them setup a landing page, for example, or they want a traffic course to teach them how to get traffic to their website, or they want an expert to teach them how to setup a membership site.

And as a product seller, you should be aiming to provide as much value as possible to help offer a solution to people's problems.

But there is a shift occurring right now in the buying trends of people looking for solutions online.

Buyers Want Actual Solutions, Not Just Information!

Buyers aren't just looking for information to help them with a problem, they're also now looking to get real solutions that will have an instant impact on their business.

That's why software products like WordPress plugins are becoming some of the best selling products online.

Providing software solutions to your customers gives them an immeditate solution to a particular problem, and it also puts you in an incredible position of authority.

While most of your competitors will have info products in their pipeline, you can stand out amongt the crowd with a high value line of software products that actually solve a problem for your customers.

And If You Start Selling Software Now, Then Your Business Will Skyrocket!

But why should you sell software products, and specifically, WordPress plugins?

  • WordPress powers over 25% of all websites on the Internet, that's more than 74 million sites
  • There are over 30,000 plugins currently available on WordPress' plugins database
  • Premium WordPress plugins are responsible for millions of dollars of sales in the past couple of years

There are some massive numbers and huge demand for WordPress plugins, and that demand is only going to grow.

But Creating Software Products Is Difficult, How Do You Get Your Foot In The Door?

It's not like an info product that you can just write yourself, or create the videos yourself. With a plugin you need actual coding experience to be able to create it.

You need specific expertise to be able to create the product yourself, and that eliminates most people from the equation, which is why having your own line of software solutions will make you stand out against all the other info product sellers out there.

Software products are also really expensive to create!

Creating Software Products Can Also Be Very Expensive!

If you don't know how to code a piece of software, then the obvious route is to outsource it to a programmer. But again, you need to hire someone with a specific skillset (ie. programming) to create the plugin, and to be honest, it's not cheap!

Some software products can run upwards of $10,000 to create, and that's going to eliminate that option for most people.

Perhaps you've even thought about hiring someone to create your own plugins in the past, and been turned off real quick by the price tag.

Well, it doesn't have to be that way, because right here on this page you can get access to your own software solutions, at a fraction of the price, and start selling your own software products without any coding experience, and without the 5 figure price tag.

But There Is A Better Way...


WP Slide Bar Pro

This is an incredible package that will allow you to start selling your own high-level WordPress plugin as your own.

WP Slide Bar Pro allows your buyers to create attention-grabbing notification bars on their websites.

You're going to be able to take this plugin, slap your name on it as the creator of the product, and resell it for 100% profits!

Here Is What You're Getting With This Package:

Full Version WordPress Plugin


You're getting a high quality WordPress plugin that you can put your name on and resell as your own product.

The plugin allows your buyers to instantly grab their visitors' attention and get more optins, shares, clicks, and sales.

Professionally Designed Sales Page


You're also going to get all the necessary sales pages and accompanying pages in order to sell effectively sell your new software product to your marketplace.

These sales pages have been professionally designed, and are completely mobile responsive, which means they look great on all devices.

Professionally Written Sales Letter


Our in-house team of professional copywriters has also written you a powerful sales letter that will help to convert your visitors into buyers.

This isn't your standard, run-of-the-mill sales letter; this is powerful copywriting that is crafted to get results!

High Converting Landing Page


Of course, one of the most effective ways to sell your own products is to build a list of loyal subscribers.

So we're also giving you two high converting landing pages that will help you convert more visitors into subscribers.

Powerful Email Followups


Of course building a list is all about building a relationship with your subscribers, and that's what you'll be doing with these 7 powerful followup emails.

These emails are content-focused, value-driven emails that will presell your subscribers on your product.

Private Label Rights Certificate


We'll also give you a certificate that states you are authorized to resell this WordPress plugin.

We're limiting the number of people who can have access to the resell rights of this incredible product, so make sure you're one of the fortunate few.

Complete Setup Instructions


We're not going to give you all these elements, and leave you hanging when it comes to the setup.

We're also giving you a complete and detailed set of instructions so you can set everything up properly, without any technical knowledge necessary.

This Is An Incredible Package That Will Save You A Whole Lot Of Time!


Think about it...

If you tried to create all these different elements yourself, how many weeks, or months would it take?

On the other hand, if you don't have any programming experience (as most of us don't), then you'd hire a programmer to create the plugin for you, but that's a huge cost as well.

This entire package has been created in-house by my team of professional designers, programmers, and copywriters, and they are all pros at what they do.

That means you're saving a huge amount of money compared to if you hired people to do this for you.

Let's face it, a plugin by itself would run you anywhere from $500-1000+, high quality sales pages would cost you $150+ each, and professional copywriting will go for $200+.

It'd be a massive cost for you, and wouldn't leave much for profits when you start selling the product.

It's Also Going To Make You A Bunch Of Money As Well!

On the other hand, instead of taking months to try to figure it all out on your own, or spending $1000s before you even get paid, you can download these resources right now, and start selling this powerful plugin as your own within the next few hours.

You can literally have your first payment by the end of the day!

And you're getting this pack at a massive discount compared to what it would cost you to do yourself!

You're getting over $1500+ in value, for the price of a decent meal out.

I'm sure you'd agree, that making a small investment in your business with this in-demand WordPress plugin, would allow you to improve the quality of your product line, and increase your sales and profits dramatically!

Save Over 80% Today!

The regular price of this package is $47 and the overall value is worth over $1500, but I want to give a special offer to you today, so you can get your hands on this incredible package for peanuts compared to what it’s really worth!

So if you act right now you can get this massive plugin reseller package for over 80% off!

But you have to act right now, as it's on a dimesale and the price increases on each sale...

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[Done For You Plugins] WP Slide Bar Pro - PLR

You're Also Backed By Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

money back logo

We’ve jammed so much value into this plugin reseller package that I know if you slap your name on it and start selling it, you will make sales and profits!

But if you genuinely tried to download it, set it up, and promoted it, and nothing worked for you at all, then just let me know within 30 days of your purchase, and I’ll send you a full refund.

I want you to get massive value from this, and to also make sales for your business.

But, Please Don’t Delay...

This is an incredible opportunity for you to start selling your own in-demand software products and reap the benefits of our hard work, without doing any of the actual product creation work yourself.

Imagine downloading all the files in a few minutes from now, setting up the sales pages, and then being able to promote these products and make sales over and over again.

So instead of spending weeks and weeks trying to do it all yourself, or spending $1000s hiring outsources to do it for you, you can have your own high value software product ready to sell right now.

Ready To Start Making Consistent Sales Online?

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So get in on the action now and download this incredible package!

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Looking forward to helping you grow your business!

To your online success!

PS – You can seriously download this package, set it up within the next hour or so, and send an email to your list letting them know about your new plugin for some immediate sales.

Or if you don’t have a list yet, set everything up, buy a solo ad and send the traffic to the landing page so you’re building your list AND you’ve got a product to sell to them on the backend as well.

Get started now...

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[Done For You Plugins] WP Slide Bar Pro - PLR